In 17 hours … Everything changes!

When you have power, it’s easy to abuse it and make other peoples life more miserable.

That’s the feeling that sometimes surface when you deal with specific ccTLD’s or registries in general.

So, any given Friday you might want to consider sending out an email, with a 17 hour notice of a change, that affect all of the danish TLD, be removing two functions.

No more internal delegations of .dk domains, so if you want to easy consolidate your name servers under one handle, you have less than 17 hours to do so. Or push all domains from one nameserver to an other providers DNS service.


Blind delegation request of .dk domains is also removed, it’s replaced by an logged in delegation request.

It’s good that we remove the blind delegation request, yay us! Yay dk-hostmaster! Wuhu! we just got a few more baby steps away from 1989!

It would be nice if we knew anything about the new procedure that is forever enforced in 17 hours.

But we don’t.. We just do not know anything, no documentation, no screenshots, nothing to share with our users doing the weekend and nothing to show next week.

We even do not know if it’s us, the name server provider or the domain owner that are supposed to start the delegation.

Could we please get some information, documentation and show us a bit of respect, please!