Okay, actually I don’t, but I have noticed something very alarming the last few days, and I would like to share it.


We have, if you did not know it, a very nice customer support, that help and answers questions 5 days a week on email, and 4 hours a day by phone and a 24/7 emergency support phone support. Emergency phone support is pay support, always, otherwise a lot of our support, 99% or 98% is free. Free as in free beer..!


This is all very fine, sometimes we unfortunately falls a bit behind for some reason, but usually we answer within the 24 hour mark on emails, and happily helps customers to do the stuff them self, so they can do it on their own the next time. All is good.


We even have a complaint department (we are 5 people in the company!) so, even if a customer should feel its unfair, and they are not treated correctly, they can complaint, and the first answer on the complaint would be from the CEO, or approved by the CEO (whatever is possible).


Now, I noted a few things the last days, or even months.


We had a meeting in town, so we downsized the 4 hours available phone support today from 4 hours, to two hours. And we got a complaint in the special CEO complaint email, no prior support case existed, and customer was rude. Reason? We did not answer the phone (it stated it was extraordinary closed), and customer was pissed about the 60 days transfer lock on .com. An second domain “did not work” (was not correctly setup in DNS), and we had to understand is was VERY crucial for a startup and costs money!


An other customer gave a shit storm on a payment for a owner change and document check for a domain.. for 199 DKK, less than 30 USD. Really, foul language and a shit storm?


The other day, a customer had a support question about .se DNSSEC setup, first email was sent to the complaint email, not the support.
When explained that support emails had to go to the support department, customer wrote back he would complaint to the swedish registry. We have yet to have a question/email passed on from .se on this.


So, are we now bitching for support in the complaint departments, rather than asking a nice question and asking polite for support when we do not understand something? What the fuck happened to respect?


It seems like every single customer have noticed that “customer is king”. Warning, this is not a free ride on foul language and general bad behavior!


So you don’t know anything about domain names, DNS, webservers, mailservers, wordpress, ssl, certicates, tls, sql, security, sip, minecraft, office365, google apps, seo, apache, mod_security, php, spamfilters, internet in general or even the computer you sit in front of?


We don’t care, we will still help you! But I will NEVER accept foul language!


So next time you need to ask a support department for something, ask nicely, there is someone at the other end that actually wants to help you. And we would love to help you with the geeky stuff we do and love so much, but if you do receive a no good answer, or simply do not understand it (hey, we have all answered a question too fast), elaborate your question, we might just missed the importen part, it was not on purpose! WE ARE HUMANS TOO!


Show respect, and you WILL be treated like KING (or queen, or in Sweden a “hen”)!


And for the love of god, send your first email to support, not the complaint department, not the CEO, not CC’ed to ICANN CEO, not CC’ed for every single newspaper in the world. Thx. We <3 U.